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LifeSpace Gardens are designed with the modern lifestyle in mind. Our selection of self-watering planters, gardens, and raised beds are handmade in North Vancouver and perfect for balconies, patios, rooftops, edible landscaping transformations - and anywhere you want garden success.

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LowRider Self-Watering Planter
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Project Garden Box - 3&
Project Garden Box - 3&

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Project Garden Box - 3'x3' DIY Self-Watering Garden Kit
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Self-Watering Technology

Learn how our innovative Self-Watering system Saves Water, Saves Time & helps your Garden Thrive!

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From Our Customers


"These gardens are honestly amazing. The yields are incredible... I haven't killed a plant in a year"

Chris Kruger

Vancouver, BC


"This is a great product and a good entry to other Life Space products. Love it!"

Kimberley Freire

Surrey, BC


"Love these gardens! Minimal upkeep and watering and crazy growing! ...with very little knowledge or effort."

Rhys Dickey

Calgary, BC


"These gardens are virtually work free once you plant them up. Fill the reservoir and voila-things just grow like crazy!"

Deborah Kerr

Vancouver, AB


"Self watering system is ingenious and extremely efficient. Great gardening success with wonderful harvest..."

Paul Farnan

North Vancouver, BC

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