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Our Self-Watering Gardens are for urban spaces & organic LifeStyles. Thoughtfully designed to connect you with your food, and for an enjoyable low maintenance growing experience.

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Self-Watering Gardens

LifeSpace Gardens are designed to emulate the natural water tables found in all the most abundant growing environments.

Known as Sub-Irrigation, it will help you save water, save time, reduce maintenance and grow more food!

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Self-Watering Patio & Balcony Gardens

LowRider Self-Watering Planter
HighRise Self-Watering Planter
Canopy Self-Watering Vertical Garden
Project Garden Box - 3&
Project Garden Box - 3&
Project Garden Box - 3&
Project Garden Box - 3&
Project Garden Box - 3&
Project Garden Box - 3&
Project Garden Box - 3&

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Project Garden Box - 3'x3' DIY Self-Watering Garden Kit
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Residential Transformations

Front yards, backyards, patios or rooftops we can help you grow food! Available in person or online Book an Edible Garden Consultation to kick off your growing adventure!

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Self-Watering Raised Beds

Custom and made to order. Our collection of self-watering garden designs come in various styles, wood finishes, sizes and shapes. Find the right LifeSpace Garden and transform your Space!

Signature Garden Designs

Community & School Gardens

Self-Watering Gardens are a game changer for the sustainability and maintenance of Community and School Gardens. Change the way you think about watering and let's get more gardens growing!

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Commercial & Municipal

Designers, Architects, Urban Planners - Urban Ag is here to stay, and growing! Spec LifeSpace Gardens where water sustainability, low maintenance, and long lasting gardens are essential.

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From Our Customers


"These gardens are honestly amazing. The yields are incredible... I haven't killed a plant in a year"

Chris Kruger

Vancouver, BC


"This is a great product and a good entry to other Life Space products. Love it!"

Kimberley Freire

Surrey, BC


"Love these gardens! Minimal upkeep and watering and crazy growing! ...with very little knowledge or effort."

Rhys Dickey

Calgary, BC


"These gardens are virtually work free once you plant them up. Fill the reservoir and voila-things just grow like crazy!"

Deborah Kerr

Vancouver, AB


"Self watering system is ingenious and extremely efficient. Great gardening success with wonderful harvest..."

Paul Farnan

North Vancouver, BC

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