GardenWell Self-Watering System

  • Water Once a Week. Or less...
    Save time, Save water, Remove the guess work.
  • Hidden water reservoir allows water to wick up naturally.
    Plants take what they need. Drought Proof. Vacation Ready.
  • Consistent water creates perfect growing environment.
    Bigger Yields. Greater Success. Easier Growing.
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Our Roots

    We're a North Van company dedicated to the art of building gardens. Organic Veggie Gardens. Since 2013 we've been bringing a level of craftsmanship to garden construction that is not found anywhere else. Why? Because a garden should be permanent, and growing food should be beautiful, and you don't have a black thumb - you just forget to water! That's why we invented the GardenWell System. Overcoming the challenge of daily watering, and turning it into a weekly task changes people's lives - being too busy, going away on the weekends, not knowing how or when to water... all of those are yesterday's problems. Growing your own food is within your reach, no matter your lifestyle. Get a LifeSpace Garden today and you're good to grow!
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Grow your own food

  • To eat the best food, you’ve got to grow it yourself. Join the movement defining the modern Lifestyle, and put your Space to use.
  • Get Growing for your health or for the flavour - for your family or for the environment - or even for more likes on Instagram. It’s all good!
  • You can grow your own Organic produce in any Space, from balcony growing and rooftop gardens, to full yard organic transformations.
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