Edible Garden Consultation with Victory Gardens | Vancouver, Kitsilano, North Van

Edible Garden Consultation with Victory Gardens | Vancouver, Kitsilano, North Van

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Want to transform your space and grow your own food? Need an epic design to make your space look amazing while also feeding your family? Book an Edible Garden Consultation!

At Victory Gardens, we use a holistic approach to transform urban environments into food-focused ecological landscapes. The gardens we create are not just beautiful, but productive and ecologically beneficial.

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Steps to Garden Success:

Hit the "Buy in now" button and purchase an in person or online consultation, and then the magic begins!

We'll send you a pre-consultation form directly to your email. This will cover a lot of the basics, so that when it comes time for the in person/online consultation we can get right down to business and provide maximum value.

Once you submit your pre-consultation form, you'll be connected with your LifeSpace Certified Installer to book a time slot for your consultation to take place. This can usually happen within the next 5 business days.

During your consultation, your Certified Foodscaper will help you cover all the fundamentals to kick off your growing adventure. Sun, soil, location, water, size and layout. We’ll also work with you to talk LifeStyle – the basic expectations and little changes that need to happen in order to make growing your own food fun and successful.

The goal of the consultation is to provide you the knowledge and set you up in the best possible way for lasting growing success. You'll get all answers you need to get growing on your own, and you'll also receive a quote for a LifeSpace Garden installation perfectly tailored to your space and LifeStyle.

Work with your Certified Foodscaper to refine your project scope for a perfect for fit your space, lifestyle, budget and growing expectations! Here you can discuss services like Garden Planning, maintenance/coaching, and also establish a timeline for installation.

After plans are finalized, we'll work with your Foodscaper to build your garden package, and make arrangements to have it delivered right on time!

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