Harmony Accessibility Garden
Harmony Accessibility Garden
Harmony Accessibility Garden

Harmony Accessibility Garden

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Wood Finish

The Harmony Garden was designed to improve the gardening experience for those who use a wheelchair or require increased accessibility.

Ideal for growing herbs, veggies, flowers, and pollinators. The unique design is not only functional, but encourages socializing, collaboration, and multigenerational engagement– some of the most important elements when designing a community space.

Perfect for Urban Ag, community gardens, retirement centers and assisted living – The Harmony Garden is manufactured in North Vancouver, BC and can be shipped  across North America.


  • Sub-Irrigated self-watering system.
  • Furniture grade joinery from Western Red Cedar.
  • Stainless steel and corrosion proof hardware.


  • Up to 80% reduced water consumption.
  • Self-Watering reduces maintenance to weekly or less.
  • Rot proof design triples lifespan compared to alternatives.


  • Ideal Accessibility Garden Solution
  • Drought proof growing with low water maintenance.
  • Easy site assembly for architectural grade results.

To learn more about the Harmony Gardens and the other innovative urban ag solutions by LifeSpace – click here to download our ideabook.

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How It Works

Designed to emulate the natural water tables found in all the most abundant growing environments, our gardens will help you save water, save time, reduce maintenance and grow more food!


LifeSpace Magic

Self-watering gardens minimize water waste and keep your garden happy. Remove watering off your daily to-do list altogether! A garden with a sub-irrigation system is a garden set for success.

Design Matters

There is a visceral, immeasurable power in great design. Our gardens are crafted with style and precision to be visually stunning and enhance the aesthetic of your outdoor space.

Design Matters

There is a visceral, immesurable power in great design. Our gardens are crafted with style and precision to be visually stunning and enhance the aesthetic of your outdoor space.

Canadian Western Cedar

We believe that high-quality, design and sustainability go hand in hand. Our self-watering gardens use sustainable custom-milled western cedar, made to last.


Sub-irrigation, also known as self-watering, is an irrigation technique that mimics the natural water tables found in all of nature's most bountiful growing environments. The basic concept behind sub-irrigation involves utilizing capillary action to allow the plants to draw water as needed from a hidden reservoir below the soil - providing a consistent and efficient water supply.The GardenWells Sub-Irrigation System is what we use to make all LifeSpace Gardens self-watering.1. Step one is installing the food safe waterproof liner. This is cut and folded perfectly to size and installed into your garden to create the water reservoir. In doing so this also protects the woodwork from rot and eliminates all leaking and mess.2. The GardenWells are then clicked together by the square foot and installed into your garden. This creates a platform that supports the soil on top while creating the hidden reservoir underneath. In the middle of each GardenWell is a cup that once filled with soil or a wicking medium such as coconut coir, vermiculite or hemp hurd - will allow water to wick up from the reservoir into the soil consistently and evenly overtime.3. An overflow is installed in each garden to control drainage and regulate reservoir height. This means that you can never really over water your garden and that all access water can be controlled, and will only come out of the overflow valve.4. the WaterStem is used to water directly to the water reservoir and also functions as a float gauge to indicate your reservoir capacity. When the indicator is floating up the garden is good to grow, when it's down it's time to fill up. It's really that simple

LifeSpace Gardens are excellent for growing almost all types of plants wherever maintenance and water sustainability is a concern.Originally designed to optimize the growing environment for vegetables and herbs - LifeSpace Gardens have since been used successfully to grow everything from cedar hedge privacy screens, rose and flower gardens, Japanese maples, fruit trees, and even grass patches on Condo rooftops.

If you're growing veggies, we suggest a weekly maintenance routine during the growing season. The reservoir on your garden can often last for longer (over a month in some instances) but a weekly schedule establishes a routine that will help you maximize your harvests, and stay on top of general garden health and productivity.

Quality is at the heart of sustainability. LifeSpace Gardens are built to last 2-3 times longer than standard planters and raised beds, greatly reducing the resources required to keep you growing.The GardenWells sub-irrigation system can help conserve up to 80% of the water normally used, helping you navigate droughts and environmental impact.

Do you need help getting started? Or support along your growing adventure? We provide easy to follow Garden Guides here, and can connect you with a network of certified installers and garden coaches dedicated to helping you grow your own food.

LifeSpace Gardens are crafted from locally harvested cedar and hemlock. These beautiful wood species add a natural aesthetic that is more appealing to the human senses than any other building material. Rot proof construction ensures that all woodwork is completely protected from the inside out. The food-safe waterproof liner ensures soil and water never come in contact with the wood. This can double or triple the lifespan of your garden, making your cedar or hemlock planter longer lasting and more resilient than most metal or synthetic options.