GardenWell DIY Kits

 The GardenWell system is designed to make your gardening experience as successful as possible

Once installed, the GardenWell system mimics a natural water table hidden under the soil of your garden. This process, known as sub-irrigation, allows water to wick UP into the soil as needed – creating the ideal growing condition for veggies to thrive.

It’s better than top watering, sprinklers, and drip irrigation for a number of reasons, but mostly because it’s consistent, even and self-regulating. It relies on the natural properties of water, the surface pressure of soil, and the subsequent capillary action that draws the water up like a sponge. It’s how nature intends it.

You’ll see a reduction in water consumption of up to 80% and watering frequency from daily, to weekly or less.

The system is entirely modular, easy to install, and can be applied to raised beds of almost any size or shape. Featuring foodsafe ultraskrim liner, click together GardenWells, an overflow that regulates the reservoir (no mess/ no flooding) and an easy to monitor float gauge. There’s no automation, no pumps, and no electricity required – nothing to brake down. Additionally, it completely protects your garden from the inside out. No rot, no mess, longer lasting  more beautiful gardens.

Reduce Water consumption by up to 80%
Reduce watering frequency from daily to weekly

Improve yields and growing conditions
Improves garden longevity by 2-3x

It’s perfect for hot summers, drought conditions, or for the simple convenience of being able to go away in the Summer without water worries. Your water consumption will drop, and your harvests will increase. It’s awesome.

If you’re a passionate gardener, or professional landscaper or carpenter and want to learn about our certified installer program, click here.

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