GardenWells Kits

Do you want to build your own Self-Watering Gardens?

Our modular kits are perfect for DIYers and Landscape Professionals to build gardens that mimic nature and water from the bottom up.

  • Drought Proof growing
  • No more under/over watering
  • Retains Rainwater
  • Weeks between reservoir fills
Each kit comes with

4 Components.

1. Foodsafe waterproof liner. Cut and folded to fit perfectly into your garden.

2. GardenWells. Modular tiles click together to form a grid, supporting soil on top & creating a water reservoir underneath.

3. Overflow Assembly. Installed to regulate reservoir height and control drainage.

4.WaterStem. Floats up and down indicating water level, and allows you to water directly to the reservoir.

Installation is simple. You just need to understand the fundamentals. Watch the video, and join us in the shop. Step by step - we'll show you how it's done.

LifeSpace Brochures

Woodwork Plans


The plans are ideal for their simple design, easy-to-follow build steps, and near universal availability of required materials. They are perfect for installing GardenWells and go great with our most popular kit sizes.