Growing food for the natural urban Lifestyle.

You've got a space, but it's limited. You're busy, but you love local food. You're looking for that authentic connection to nature that you can touch, feel and taste... No problem. How green do you want to be?

Handcrafted in North Vancouver BC, with local timber up-cycled from windfall and urban development. CondoFarms are premium container gardens featuring our patented SIPGrow system for a self-watering garden experience. Reduce your water consumption, save time, eliminate guess work, and grow healthy, delicious, organic veggies fresh at your fingertips.

CondoFarms are a sustainability super combo - and they fit perfectly on your balcony or patio.

Scaled to fit your space and your lifestyle. Fill the reservoir once a week, and enjoy continuous harvests throughout the growing season. It's drought proof and stress free. Take your long weekends or enjoy your vacations without water worries, and come back to huge harvests. Your thumb is turning green already.

Peace of mind? Organic growing? Connection to food and nature? That's no chore - That's a wellness routine.


How often do you want to Water?

This chart helps predict the water requirements of the most popular garden types based on temperature forecasts. Want to water everyday? Sometimes twice? Me neither. Sub-Irrigated Planters *CondoFarms* are the way to grow.

What do CondoFarmers have to say?

Love these gardens! Minimal upkeep and watering and crazy growing! Have tomatoes, kale, zucchini, Italian parsley all going off with very little knowledge or effort. And with the crazy Calgary weather they are resilient. Didn’t plant anything until June 30 and in less than a month carrots sprouted from seed as well! They also look great! Love it, nice work lifespace team!

Rhys Dickey

I have the balcony LifeSpace garden and it is amazing. I have never been good at taking care of plants so for the first time I can actually grow a robust garden. It is so simple and easy and looks awesome. Mine converts to a table as well, which is really helpful for a small balcony. Top quality wood and workmanship.

Donna Moroney

Really enjoy my LifeSpace planters. Self watering system is ingenious and extremely efficient. Great gardening success with wonderful harvest this year as a result. Can't wait for next year.

LifeSpace staff deserve special mention. They are amazing. You can see their genuine commitment to quality of their product and their dedication to environmental principles, as well as their enthusiasm for novel urban lifestyle principles.

Paul Farnan


Are you ready to Get Growing?

    Ships anywhere in North America. Simple set up. LifeSpace 5 year guarantee.

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