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With LifeSpace Gardens - You can Grow Anywhere.

Gardens connect us with our environment, our community and one another. Inspire and engage with tactical urban agriculture.

Nothing inspires quite like growing your own food. When you experience it growing street side, right in the middle of the community, it sends an undeniable message of welcoming and inclusion - combined with a shot of inspiration that says, look here! You can do this too!

The LifeSpace Advantage

None of this happens without self-watering gardens. Growing in the public space is challenging enough, having to water everyday would make it our of the question. With LifeSpace Gardens, the reservoirs only need filling once a week at most. Our gardens have allowed municipalities like West Vancouver to reduce their water truck usage from daily, to once every 2 weeks.

Beautify the Environment, Engage the Community, Save the Maintenance Budget, and reduce the Water Consumption.

Let's Grow!

Absolutely! All of our gardens can ship either full assembled, or prepared for simple site assembly.

We can supply Municipalities and Business Improvement Associations across North America with the gardens they need to get their communities growing!

LifeSpace Gardens often only require filling once a week at most, even in the middle of Summer. In Vancouver BC, that means about 8-12 reservoir fills per year.

You can often stretch the watering to every 2 weeks, but the once a week watering routine has an extra bonus...

It's ideal for forming the foundation of a simplified harvesting a maintenance schedule. Remove all guesswork and do all garden tasks at the same time you fill your reservoirs!

All of our public installations are presented with the message that "The food is free. If you're hungry take a bite!" Doing so brings out the best in people, and time after time it's proven that when the bounty is freely offered, it is freely respected.

Vandalism drops. There's almost no garbage left in the planters, and no cigarette butts either.

This energy transfers to the community at large, and the quality of life improves for everyone.

Each LifeSpace Garden comes with GardenWells pre-installed. One hidden benefit of this system, is that the foodsafe waterproof liner completely protects the garden from the inside out. This means no rot.

Because the soil and water never come in contact with the woodwork, your gardens will last 3-4x longer than traditional raised beds, surpass fibreglass and plastic, and rival aluminum and other metal options.

Yes we do. All the woodwork components are manufactured and pre-finished in our shop, and then shipped out for modular site assembly.

Woodwork components can be custom fabricated as required.

LifeSpace Brochures

LifeSpace Inspiration Guide


Over 10 years of Urban Agriculture awesomeness with Specifications and Images packed in one pdf document. Perfect for home owners and designers to begin their Edible Garden Transformations.

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