Edible Garden Consultation

Edible Garden Consultation

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Step 1

Book a Consultation

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How It Works

Pre-Consultation Form

This will be sent to you upon purchase of a Consultation and helps us cover a lot of the fundamentals ahead of time so that during our Consultation we can dig right in.

Book Your Time Slot

After your Consultation is purchased - we'll reach out to you with available time slots, so that we can link up and get things growing!

Consult & Collaborate

By the end of the consultation, you’ll have enough info to either go it alone –  or a project quote to have LifeSpace build you a Garden perfectly suited for your space and your LifeStyle.

Step 2

Garden Planning & Design

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Step 3: Choose Your Style

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Heirloom - Self-Watering Planter Design
from $659.00
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Artifex - Self-Watering Planter Design
from $970.00
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Elevated - Self-Watering Planter
from $710.00
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Harvest Garden Table

Step 4

Optional Add-On: Garden Planning & Mapping

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Services we Offer


We'll get our hands dirty and set you up for success


Weekly or bi-weekly. Do you want a fresh basket of veggies sitting on your doorstep when you get home without any fuss?


In these sessions we spend extra time with you and take you through the growing season and cultivate your garden confidence and help you really connect with the process of growing your own food.

Garden Sitting

Going away in the summer and need someone to fill the reservoirs on your garden and do some pruning. No problem! We're here for you.

Seasonal Transitions

To help you get the most out of your garden all year long.

Bring your
brand to life.

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