Self Watering: The beauty and convenience of emulating Nature

self watering garden

Water from the bottom up - that's how nature does it... in all the most bountiful environments.

LifeSpace gardens are built utilizing our patented Self Watering system - With amazing results.

How does it work?

1. We line the inside of each Garden with food-grade water proof liner.
  • This creates a water proof barrier to contain water, and protect the wood from moisture and soil, preventing rot.
  • A double feature creating longevity and functionality. (see Quality)
2. We then install our food-grade Garden Wicks.
  • This creates a separation within the garden, with soil on top and reservoir underneath.
  • Water then travels up from the reservoir via a contact point each square foot. This happens through capillary action
3. Each garden has fill up tube which also doubles as a float gauge.
  • This allows you to water your garden directly to the reservoir, avoiding messy top watering.
  • It also allows you to simply keep track of how much water is in your reservoir, removing the guess work around watering.
4. Finally, there is an overflow.
  • This ensures the reservoir can never be overfilled, and that you can control any access water to avoid or eliminate mess.

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