Self-Watering Gardens

The Beauty and Convenience of Emulating Nature

One of the most basic needs of any plant is water. Sub-irrigation systems - like GardenWells - create the ultimate environment for veggies and herbs to thrive by watering from the bottom up - just how nature does it. Not only that, but sub-irrigation allows you to save time, save water, avoid messy top watering, and help ensure garden success.
How it works self-watering


Sub-irrigation does exactly what the name implies. The plants and growing medium (a 'container blend' soil) sit on top of a water reservoir and, by design, soak up water slowly and consistently over time through the capilary action of the growing medium, quenching ever-thirsty roots. To refill, a hollow tube runs down the inside of the container (the "WaterStem") which allows water to bypass the soil and be added directly to the reservoir at the bottom of the garden. The technical layer between the two, separating the soil from the water reservoir (the "GardenWells") are designed to slow the uptake of water into the soil (the soil isn't flooded). A sub-irrigation system is best served with a reservoir water level indicator (the "FloatGauge") so it is clear to the user when more water is needed.


Simply put - a steady and consistent supply of water can allow plants to thrive! Benefits of sub-irrigation include stronger and faster growth, less stress and so more disease-resistant, as well as seasonal plants having larger fruits and/or maintaining their blooms longer. Because the rootball of the plant stays at a constant moisture level, it is not stressed with either drying out or getting too soggy. Over watering, which is a common problem for veggies, can be avoided. Also, soil is not moved or lost as water is added. There is also less opportunity for mess, especially for plants in hard to reach places, or balconies and patios where mess needs to be avoided. The water is poured directly into an area where there is space for it - and not directly into the soil where it must soak in or overflow, especially if the top soil has become dried out.

GardenWell self-watering sub-irrigation garden system

Using the GardenWells sub-irrigation system, our LifeSpace Gardens will keep plants watered for approximately 1 week to 4 weeks on each reservoir fill, depending on the climate and weather, as well as stage of growth (full-grown tomato plants need more water when they are actively fruiting, for example). The reservoir's water level still needs to be monitored periodically - easily done by checking the FloatGauge, and topping it up when neccessary. Remember also that, when it does rain, the reservoir does double duty as a rain barrel by capturing excess water and storing it for sunnier days. Overall, with a healthy water level, some general plant care and watching for any pesky pests or diseases, the LifeSpace self-watering sub-irrigation system will help you create the optimal environment for your veggies to grow!