Self Watering

The Beauty and Convenience of Emulating Nature

One of the most basic needs of any plant is water. Sub-irrigation systems like GardenWell create the ultimate environment for veggies and herbs to thrive by watering from the bottom up, just how nature does it. Not only that but sub-irrigation allows you to save time, save water, avoid messy top watering, and ensure garden success.
How it works self-watering


Sub-irrigation does exactly what the name implies. The plant sits over a water reservoir and soaks it up over time through its growing medium (organic soil). There is a shaft down the side of the container (WaterStem) that allows water to be added directly to the bottom reservoir of the garden. There is typically another layer (the GardenWells) separating the soil and the water reservoir to slow the uptake of water into the soil. Sub-irrigation usually also includes a water level indicator (FloatGauge) so it is clear when more water is needed.


Some of the benefits of sub-irrigation include less stress on the plants as well as seasonal plants maintaining their blooms longer. Because the rootball of the plant stays at a constant moisture level it is not stressed with drying out or getting too soggy. Over watering, which is a common problem for veggies, can be avoided. Soil is not moved or lost as water is added as well. There is also less opportunity for mess especially for plants in hard to reach places. The water is poured directly into an area where there is space for it and not into the soil where it must soak in or overflow.

GardenWell self-watering sub-irrigation garden system

Using GardenWell sub-irrigation system, our LifeSpace Gardens will keep plants watered for approx. 1 week to 4 weeks depending on the climate. The sub-irrigation still needs to be occasionally monitored by checking the water levels using the FloatGauge. Overall, with a healthy water level, increased care and early detection for pests and diseases the GardenWell sub-irrigation system will help you create the perfect environment for your veggies to grow.