Choose your Garden's Measurements

Your measurements should be for the INTERIOR L x W floor dimensions of your garden - not the outside walls. SIP's are 12"x12". Therefore, full foot interior measurements are easiest to work with. For example, a 2' x 4' interior floor measurement is exactly 2 SIPs wide and 4 SIPs long. 

If you have a garden that is not in full foot measurements, or a shape that is not square/rectangular, the SIPs can be trimmed and/or shaped for almost any garden. Contact us for details and advice!  

Veggie Soil Depth: 8"-12". Accommodates an interior garden wall height of up to 16" (3" deep SIP Water Reservoir, up to 12" of soil depth, and 1" soil clearance).

Trees & Shrub Soil Depth: 16"-20". Accommodates an interior garden wall height up to 24" (3" deep SIP Water Reservoir, up to 20" soil depth, and 1" of soil clearance).