SIP Kit - 2&
SIP Kit - 2&
SIP Kit - 2&

SIP Kit - 2'x4'

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SIPs is the perfect kit for DIY-ers and garden professionals who want to make their own self-watering garden. It is the simplest and most efficient way to add sub-irrigation to your garden with long-lasting, water-saving, sustainable results. 

Veggie Soil Depth - accommodates an interior garden wall height of up to 16" (3" deep SIP Water Reservoir, up to 12" of soil depth, and 1" soil clearance)

Trees & Bushes Soil Depth - accommodates an interior garden wall height up to 24" (3" deep SIP Water Reservoir, up to 20" soil depth, and 1" of soil clearance)

2x4 SIP Kit comes with:

  • 8 x SIPs creating a 24"x 48" insert
  • 1 x OverFlow assembly
  • 1 x WaterStem assembly
  • 1 x Foodsafe Waterproof Liner, cut and folded to size to fit perfectly into the floor and inside walls of your garden

Provide us with your name, email, and let us know if you are a home owner, an architect, or a landscaper.

9 Steps to SIP Success

Install the Liner

Each SIP Kit's waterproof liner is cut and folded to fit perfectly inside your garden; simply unfold and secure around the top rim. Once installed, it protects the wood from moisture and forms the watertight reservoir essential for sub-irrigation.

Install the Overflow

The overflow is installed level with the top of the reservoir, allowing excess water to escape. Your garden can never be overwatered, and roots never get waterlogged.  

Clip SIPs and Install

Individual SIPs are clipped together in the shape of your garden and installed onto the garden floor. Their unique design will separate and support the soil on top, create a hidden water reservoir underneath, and wick water up to quench thirsty roots!

Install the WaterStem

Select your corner and install the WaterStem into that SIP. This will allow water to pass down through the soil and fill the water reservoir when required - which you will easily know by looking at the Hummingbird Float Gauge!

Fill the SIPs

Fill each SIP wick with Vermiculite to initiate strong wicking action from the reservoir with a material that won't break down over time. Alternately, you can use straight peat moss or coco coir - choose coco coir if possible as the more sustainable alternate!      

Fill with Soil

Proper soil is key for plant health - and effective water wicking from the reservoir. Wicking happens from the "capillary action" of peat moss or coco coir fibers in the soil - so choose a container blend or potting mix that has these ingredients.  


Wet the soil thoroughly from the top to kickstart capillary action. Then...plant your garden! Top water daily until your seeds or starts are established, and roots are a few inches deep to start drinking from the moist soil below. 

Fill the reservoir

Pull the Hummingbird Float Gauge all the way out and start filling the reservoir below through the WaterStem. Don't be surprised if it takes a while - it can be 10 minutes or more with larger gardens! Stop when you see water coming out of the Overflow. Your reservoir is topped up. Reinsert the Float Gauge. You're all done! 

Watch your Garden Grow!

With daily watering removed from your task list, you can just sit back and watch your garden grow happy, healthy plants. and be ready to harvest any food crops when its time! Just keep an eye on your Hummingbird float and fill up when its make sure she stays 'floating' above the WaterStem. Happy Harvesting!

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