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Raised Beds & yard transformations

Self-Watering Gardens & Raised Beds for home grown Organic Veggies are our specialty!

At LifeSpace we want you to engage with your garden – experience the process, taste the seasons, and grow with nature. We hope our gardens help form the basis of a connection; with your friends, your family, and your community - over the shared experience of growing your own food.
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elevated gardens

Raising your garden up on legs has incredible benefits. Like not having to bend down! This is a game changer for those who require a more accessible garden experience, and for those who simply appreciate a higher level of comfort while out in the garden. Contact us if you're looking for wheelchair accessible gardens or ADA gardens.

Patio & Balcony gardens

Many people these days are living a compact lifestyle, our CondoFarms are for you! Even if you're not in a condo, and simply want to grow on your patio, balcony or deck, this collection of gardens is designed with those smaller spaces in mind. Self-watering, mess free, with premium craftsmanship that will add some style and organic harvests to your space.

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Rooftop gardens remain an untapped potential for organic gardening. In these situations, the self-watering functionality of LifeSpace Gardens is invaluable. Often, getting water up to a rooftop space, and/or dealing with the drainage can be challenging. But with SIP system installed, the gardens will sequester rain water, control drainage and mess, and even in the height of summer, only require watering once a week or less.

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School gardens

We love building school gardens - there is nothing like seeing the excitement and exuberance of children learning in the garden. However, maintaining a school garden can be challenging. In veggie gardening especially, most of the maintenance takes place during the summer months when everyone is on vacation.

Organizing volunteers to water the garden every day can be a daunting task to say the least, and often doesn't get done. But with self-watering gardens, that daily maintenance is reduced to a weekly routine - with no guess work. So even with volunteer with minimal garden experience don't have to worry if they've watered too much or not enough... they simply fill up the reservoir and you'll be good to grow!

Self-watering gardens are a game changer and should be in gardens everywhere!

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Just like School Gardens - Community Garden Projects are amazing. The SIP system allows for that simplified and reduced maintenance that makes community gardens more sustainable, and easier for engagement


Building Gardens in public spaces requires a level of quality and functionality not commonly found. The SIP self-watering system we use in all our LifeSpace Gardens is the secret to our success here. Reduced maintenance - from daily to weekly, reduced water consumption - up to 80%, and higher quality longer lasting gardens are just some of the benefits. For Architects, Designers, and municipalities concerned about sustainability and wanting to make our communities more beautiful and connected - it's time to get inspired!

"A beautiful garden is the beginning – of a meal, of a friendship, of a way of life. So find your LifeSpace Garden and let’s get growing!"

-- Team LifeSpace