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The first step to growing your own food is planting some seeds. So we’re giving them away. Why? Because growing your own food is amazing. It connects you with nature, your environment, your community and one another. It’s awesome.

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Our monthly news letter gives you tips and tricks to help you successfully grow your own food. It also connects you to all the fun community events we put on, like the Garden hunts throughout Lonsdale Garden District where you can find free prizes tokens from local businesses like Earnest Ice Cream, or cookies from Lift Breakfast Bakery. It also includes monthly garden tasks, like what you can plant and when. It’s high value, and unspammy, and we’ll guard your info like our most prized Heirloom seeds!

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Ps: You’ll also get all the best offers on our best products before anyone else 😉

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Check out one our customers backyard transformation, and see how we can help you transform your space into your own garden paradise.

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From self-watering patio planters to commercial and community projects. We're changing lives by providing self-watering gardens and reducing carbon footprint, it's a sustainable way of growing your plants and veggies. 


Growing on balconies is the new thing. With a self-watering system, you can start growing food from the comfort of your home.



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You've seen them all over lower Lonsdale. Check out how our gardens are helping the community.