Growing in May

May Top 3: 1. Direct Seeding 2. Transplanting 3. Harvesting

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Days are getting longer, warmer and dryer in the month of May and you will be busy transplanting, direct seeding, and harvesting your veggies.

Watch nighttime temperatures carefully in May, warm weather plants like peppers, cucumbers and tomatoes need nighttime temperatures to be steadily at 10 degrees or more before they can move outside. May is a good time to transplant and direct seed the last successions of cool season crops. It is possible that you will be able to move your warm season veggies outside towards the end of the month.

Water any new transplants or directly seeded veggies with care. The warm weather can dry out the top 2 inches of soil, even with sub-irrigation, so water from the top until root systems are established.

Be on the lookout for pests and weeds, it is far easier to remove these problems when they are in their early stages.

Sub-Irrigation Watering Frequency: 2-4x a month
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