Growing in February

February Top 3: 1. Planning 2. Ordering Seeds 3. Starting Veggies Indoors

February is an exciting time to be a gardener. It is when we begin to dream up all the delicious vegetables that we will get to enjoy this year! Take a trip to your local organic gardening store or flip through a seed catalogue and start thinking about which varieties you'll want to grow. Begin to make a garden plan taking into consideration the size of your garden, what plants do and don’t grow well together, the time until maturity and the specific growing season of each plant.
You can start early season vegetables indoors during this time and even plant a few varieties outside under a cold cover. Set your seed trays near a sunny window inside or consider buying a grow light if you do no receive adequate sunlight. If you are planting outside, use a cold cloche to protect your plants from extreme temperature fluctuations.
If you planted a winter garden, keep harvesting, watering and weeding as needed. During this time, many vegetables will lay dormant in the ground, ready for harvest when you want them.

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