Growing in April

April Top 3: 1. Transplanting 2. Direct Seeding 3. Starting Indoors 

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In April the shift towards warmer weather begins. We have officially passed our last average frost date in the lower mainland (March 28th) which gives us the green light to start planting outside. That being said, this date is an average, so there is still a possibility of frost in mid- April. Proceed with caution and keep your row covers handy!
April is a busy time for starting seeds indoors and outdoors. Early season crops can be seeded directly into your garden outside. Try planting them in a succession, every few weeks, for a continuous harvest. Warm weather crops can be started indoors for planting outside later in the season. This is also a good time to transplant any early season crops you started indoors in February and March. It’s an exciting time in the garden!
Water any new transplants or directly seeded veggies with care. Warm weather can dry out the top 2 inches of soil, even with sub-irrigation, so water from the top until root systems are established.
Sub-Irrigation Watering Frequency: 1-3x a month 
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